Dry Cleaning

Garments are inspected for stains and adornments. Fabrics, colours and care labels are considered prior to treatment. Identifying a stain's properties is critical in successfully lifting it off a garment. Stains are treated using cultivated techniques and modern technology before being dry cleaned; then pressed and finished by hand.

Delicate fabrics such as silk, velvet and satin are handled with the utmost care and attention. Protecting these fibres is essential. Whether a garment is adorned or multicoloured our knowledge helps to navigate such challenges.

Bridal Service

Wedding dresses are precious; whether intricate or simple they are priceless. When one is entrusted to us, it is treated with a light touch, and given proper care and attention.

Shirt Service

Shirts are treated for stains with attention to the collar and cuffs as prerequisite. An appropriate wash cycle is used with quality soap and conditioner for an excellent clean and supple shirt (starch can be added if desired) before being meticulously finished by hand with the option of having them packaged on a hanger or folded.

Linen Service

Changing linen is a regular occurrence. Whether bed linen or table linen it is treated for stains and then processed with quality soap (starch can be added if desired) before being pressed to return bright, crisp and fresh.

Laundry Service

Items that need to be laundered are treated and processed with consideration before being returned hand finished.

Duvet & Pillow Service

These items are treated for stains and then processed with quality soap. Whether filled with synthetic fibres or natural feathers the outcome is bright, fluffy and fresh to offer renewed pleasure and comfort.

Service Wash

Convenient for travellers, laundry is washed, dried and carefully folded.

Curtains & Upholstery

We clean and restore curtains and upholstery so that colours are given a new vibrancy. For curtains a takedown and re-hang service is also available upon request.

Carpets & Rugs

There are various processes that can be used in the cleaning of carpets and rugs whether it is dry cleaning or steam cleaning. Our team are only too concerned on finding the best solution to your floor covering.

Suede, Leather & Fur

Suede, leather and fur items require specialist knowledge and experience. The use of oils is essential in the cleaning process as to not dry out the material.

Pressing & Ironing

Whether you have a need to look sharp or simply haven't the time to iron basics, bring your items in and we will press and hand finish them.

Tailoring, Alterations & Repairs

Our tailors are able to fit, alter and repair garments to your exact requirements expertly reproducing the finished detail of the item. They have also created the finest bespoke garments for our discerning clients.

Shoe Repairs

We offer a comprehensive shoe repair service from new leather soles and rubber heels to patching, polishing and stitching.

Key Cutting

Cylinder and Mortise keys are cut in front of you while you wait.

This service is only provided at our Lancaster Gate branch.

Belt Punching, Handbags/Luggage Repairs, Engraving, Jewellery Repairs and Watch Repairs are also provided.

Waterproofing & Dyeing

After the cleaning process it is important to have raincoats and anoraks reproofed to remain resistant to liquids.

Garment dyeing is provided for cotton items using our range of Dylon products and our considerable knowledge and experience.

Collection & Delivery

With modern life becoming increasingly demanding it can be difficult to visit us and so it is important we come to you, at your convenience. For FREE collection and delivery simply call your local branch to arrange a time whether it is once a week, twice a week or intermittently.

Same Day

We offer same day cleaning, suffice to say punctuality is of paramount importance to us. It is done on site at our Lancaster Gate branch.

Want Not, Waste Not

You can donate old clothing, footwear and toys etc at any of our branches. We have designated charities with which we work.

As a company we stress the importance of resource conservation and recycling. Within our branches, we continue to make our practises as efficient as can be, whilst also using natural and environmentally friendly products, wherever possible. Packaging is one cause for concern and so we encourage our customers to return hangers and bags so that they can be recycled or disposed of responsibly.